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Learn The Ropes

        Have you ever dreamt of…

Setting sail into the sunset?

Traveling by the wind?

Owning your own sailboat and cruising?

Well, the first place to start is to 'Learn The Ropes'!

If you’re looking to be a crew member on boats locally, or dream of coastal cruising  and eventually crossing oceans, then our  ‘Learn The Ropes’ program will give you the fundamental skills to make these sailing dreams happen.

This is an entry level learn to sail program for those that might have sailed a little before (or not at all). If you want to learn more so you can really feel confident as a crew member or eventually as a skipper of your own vessel, then the “Learn The Ropes’ program will fill in the gaps in your sailing knowledge.

For more advance sailing courses please go here to see what we offer.

Learn all the basics of sailing

Know how to plan for and go on a short sailing trip

Know how to anchor, moor and dock a sailboat

Learn about safety and boating rules

Know what to look for when you buy a sailboat

Learn basic upkeep and maintenance of a boat

Get an introduction to Navigation

Log over 20 hours of commercial seatime and hands on sailing experience

Be ready to go sailing!

Why Choose Southern Cross Sailing to Learn to Sail?

We are avid sailors that have sailed over 25,000 nautical miles and are passionate about sharing the wonderful world of sailing with others. We are surfers, ocean lovers and coastal cruisers! Sebastian Jones (aka Captain Base) is a qualified Offshore Yachtmaster and has been sailing since he was a young lad. Base has crossed the Pacific Ocean, and has captained two vessels of his own in Western Australia.  Jamie his Co-Captain has been sailing for 8 years and has her Commercial Coxswains ticket, worked on sailing vessels in the North West, and volunteered with Sea Rescue Fremantle for over a year. Learn more about them here.


Want to know more about the vessel – Charade (aka Lady C) is a 32ft Bruce Roberts – Henry Morgan Ketch. She is based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Learn more about her here.

The Vessel Charade

Week 1 Let’s Go Sailing

Learn the parts of the boat as we go for a twilight sail. You will be able to take the wheel and experience

the joy of sailing Lady C.  We also give you a basic run down on sailing lingo!


We take the hands-on sailing lessons to the next level. Learn how a sailboat works and how to

get the most out of your sailing experience! Learn by sailing and build up your time at sea!  Also learn the essential knots of a sailor.


Learn the ‘Rules of the Road’, and be able to competently act as crew member

in all aspects of sailing. Learn how to get to your destination with only the use of the wind!


We cover anchoring, docking, and mooring in this session. We also talk about the weather and strong wind

sailing.  Learn how to choose what sails to raise when you head out for a sail.


                                                                More Details

Sailing sessions will take place on three evenings between 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm departing from Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. We also do a full day sail on a weekend where we sail to a destination and put your newly learned skills into action.

Post sailing sessions we will have a casual chat on the boat so that we can talk about all things sailing and you can ask any questions regarding your future sailing plans!

The course will provide you commercial sea time hours, a certificate of completion and a referral letter for any future sailing endeavors.

 Next Course Dates: 

To be announced


4 evening sessions of sailing lessons,  plus handouts and additional resources – $450

( Please get in touch if you would like a week by week payment plan.)

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What Others Are Saying About Sailing With Us!

group sailing

We had an amazing time sailing with Base and Jamie – they are so fun, full of knowledge about the area, the ocean and are super eco-conscious. Would definitely recommend these guys for a great time on the water along this beautiful coastline. We’ll be going again for sure.” – Sam George

“We had an absolutely amazing sail with Base and Jamie on their sturdy vessel Lady C. They are a super knowledgable, inspiring, friendly, passionate team, who went out of their way to make us feel at home and show us the ropes!
Something really magic about having all the sails up and being powered by the wind. The sparkly blue ocean, yummy food and bevvies, and great company made for a unique experience we will never forget. We will definitely be back for another trip!
Thanks Cap’n Base & Jamie!!!” – Emma Hill

“Had such a beautiful day sailing to Carnac Island, chilling on the yacht, snorkelling and getting up close to a few lazy seals. Base and Jamie are very knowledgeable and willing to teach the passengers sailing skills or you can choose to sun back with a glass of bubbles in your hand like me!!! Thank you for an amazing experience :)” – Laura J.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of sailing experience should I have?

The ‘ Learn the Ropes’ Sailing Course is an entry level sailing course. It provides the foundational skills to be able to crew on another persons yacht and eventually skipper your own boat.

If you have some sailing experience but wish to gain confidence and fill in your gaps of knowledge then this course is for you.

We aim to provide practical skills and hands on learning experiences to assist you in becoming a confident sailor.

We do offer more advanced Learn to Sail programs that can be customised for your level. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

What if I can't make all of the sessions?

We really encourage you to be able to attend all session as there are only 5 and we cover quite a bit in each one.

However we plan to be running two courses concurrently and so you maybe able to swap nights from a Tuesday to a Thursday. This will be dependent on numbers, please contact us to confirm.

What do I receive on completion of the course?

During the course you will get over 30 hours of sea time and we are able to legally document this time which can be used towards a commercial ticket.

We also provide a certificate of completion and a letter of reference that can assist you in gaining a position on another vessel as crew.

If you have any questions about the qualifications you gain in the course please contact us.

What if I get Sea Sickness?

If you are prone to sea sickness there are a few prevention and coping methods you can try. We can’t guarantee that you won’t get sea sick while we sail, but we can give you methods to get through it.

Sometimes sea sickness can abate after getting your sea legs and sail a bit more

If you get horrible motion sickness, this might not be the course for you. But all things can be overcome if you are really keen to learn to sail.

Please Note, We Have Limited Spaces Available In This Program! 

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