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Sailing Bookings Unavailable

Sailing Bookings Unavailable

Every Summer we love taking people sailing!

We are Jamie and Base, the Husband and Wife team behind Southern Cross Sailing.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball!

We had planned to be running Sailing Charters all Summer, but…. When you get asked to go to Antarctica as Naturalist Guides, you can’t exactly say no. This has been a dream of ours for years! 

We had to make the hard decided to close down our little sailing business this summer. We are really sorry if you wanted to come for a sail. We are back in June, but then the weather is iffy… so we are going to start taking bookings again for October 2019. Hopefully you can come out sailing with us next summer. 

Thanks for your Understanding! 


Jamie and Base 

ps. If you’d like to see what we get up to, we will be keeping track over at and on Social Media under Salty Times on Instagram and Facebook.