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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t need any previous Sailing experience to come out on a sail.

If you have experience great! we can get you pulling lines and steering!

If you don’t have experience, you can either sit back and relax or you get straight into it and learn as much as you like.

Either way we want you to have a great time, so if you more about relaxing that is fine, or if you really want to learn to sail we will show you the ropes.

Depending on the weather bring clothes to suit!

If it’s rainy or strong winds bring something warm.

Please wear flat shoes that don’t mark ( white soles are the best)

Bring a water bottle or any other drinks with you.

Bring some food if your on a day sail and you haven’t ordered lunch. We provide small nibbles on twilights and day sails.

Bring some tunes on an ipod if you want to listen to them on your sail.

We hope you won’t get wet, but some times a sneaky wave makes it over the side.

If it is choppy conditions you might have more of a chance of getting a splash, but if it’s calm you should be fine.

If you have plans post sailing bring a change of clothes just in case.

We sail out of Fremantle and Dunsborough – Geographe Bay.

It depends if we are on a twilight sail, day sail or overnighter.

Twilight sails will be in the local waters outside of Fremantle or Geographe Bay. We will cruise in the best wind direction and get to watch the sun go down over the Indian Ocean.

Day sails are to the local islands and bays – check out more here

Overnight sails are customised to your needs and will depend on where you want to sail to.

Fingers Crossed!

We often do and sometimes we don’t.

So while we can guarantee seeing them every sail, you do have pretty good chances!

Sea Sickness is a tricky one.

Each person is different. Some people get sea sick with a slight rocking in a boat. If you are one of those then we recommend taking some preventative sea sickness tablets.

If it takes rough conditions to get you feeling queasy then depending on the weather you can make a call… no swell and light winds you shouldn’t get sick.

Some preventatives if you don’t know if you get sick – candied ginger to suck on – natural anti-nausea. Wear a tight hat – helps balance you inner ear which is what causes sea sickness. Accupressure wrist bands – these can help alleviate nausea.

It’s also a bit of a mindset game… convince yourself you’re not going to get sea sick, it helps. If you’re thinking about sea sickness the whole time… you might feel sick. Stay positive and keep your face in the wind and eyes on the horizon and you will be fine.

**** this is advice from our own experiences. We are not doctors and are not liable for any sea sickness occured upon Charade. Plus real sailors get sea sick once in a while!

We sail in a very windy state – West Australia = Windy Always. If there is no wind, it is your call. We can still head out and put up the sails or anchor out at a beautiful spot and just enjoy the sunset from the water.

If you want to sail, we can reschedule the date for better conditions.

Just give us a call – 0414 174 415

We have a Fair Weather Clause – Find it here.

We want you to have a great time out sailing. We don’t want to go out in rough conditions. So if there is bad weather we can reschedule your sail.

Want to experience the ocean in all her glory (within reason)…. then let us know and we can head out with reefed sails and wet weather gear! Bring it on!

It’s all up to you and the Captains ultimate descretion.

Where to get on the boat?

We are based in the Fishing Boat Harbour in Fremantle.

We have two options for boating our vessel from our jetty or we can pick you up on the jetty just south of Little Creatures.

All will be confirmed prior to your sail.

Give us a call if you need clarification – 0414 174 415

If for some reason you can’t make it sailing we can offer you a date to reschedule. If that doesn’t work, our cancellation policy is a 50% refund.

If we book the boat out for you it means others can’t come – that is why we only refund 50% for a cancellation.

We love taking kids out sailing but there are certain ages that are better suited to being out on the water. 6 year olds are a good starting age, and we have a couple small life jackets on board for that age.

Of course we are open to you as a parent deciding if your child would be suited to sailing. If they are confident and well behaved we are open to taking young budding sailors out on the water ( with their parents of course!). Bringing your own well fitted child life jacket is a good idea if you have one, although we aim to keep your child on board and not in the water.

There is no age too old to go sailing! You’re only as old as you feel!